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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Huffington Post on MFA's undercover investigation

Thanks to Joe Satran for covering the Iowa Select investigation:

Iowa Select Farms Pig Abuse: Animal Rights Group Releases Gruesome Undercover Footage

Time Magazine on MFA's undercover investigation

Time's Alexandra Silver covers MFA's Iowa Select investigation:

"Consumers watching the video can take little comfort from the idea that these are the doings of one bad company and that the meat produced there represents just an isolated part of the market."

and notably:

"In a nifty bit of moral jiu-jitsu, [company spokesman Howard Hill] also turns the blame back on the MFA investigator. Quoted in the company's official statement, he complains that, 'videotaping abuse instead of reporting it is indefensible.' In other words: Why didn't you stop us?"

For the story "Animal Cruelty: Could a Barbaric Pig-Handling Video Hurt Major Grocery Chains?" click here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

NBC Los Angeles: 2 Stories on Beagle Freedom Project

Their site does not permit me to embed the video, but NBC Los Angeles aired a wonderful story on the rescue of nine laboratory beagles, which can be viewed and read here:

Laboratory Beagles Arrive for Adoption

The network took additional footage from the release, which is here:

Later, anchor Colleen Williams had founder Shannon Keith and Malcolm (whom we fostered) in her studio for her show. That clip is here:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KTLA News: Dogs Rescued from Research Lab Need New Homes

Local reporter Mary Beth ("MB") McDade did a great job with her story on the release of nine beagles from a research lab. We particularly appreciated that this station showed the wonderful fosters who had waited so patiently!


KCAL Los Angeles on Beagle Freedom Project

The local media has been incredibly supportive of our Beagle Freedom Project rescues. Here is just one of the four stations' stories:

Rescued Beagles Getting A New Leash On Life